Biometric Based

Addressing the issue of non-universality in a large-scale authentication system with our multibiometric systems.

Public Sector

Facilitating the filtering or indexing of large-scale biometric data base and providing continuous monitoring of data.

Private Sector

Effectively addressing the problem of noisy data and ensuring reliable determination of Identity.

About Our App

Sophisticated Mobile Enumeration Technology developed by ByteWorks Technology Solutions Limited.

Cloud Based Data Enumeration Services

Byteworks engages in Enumeration of Data for both the public and private sectors. With our BytePad (Biometric Based) and our BW Enumeration APP; we are able to provision Data

We have provided these services for the Following Institutions:
  • Niger State Government of Nigeria
  • Gombe State Government of Nigeria
  • Abia State Government of Nigeria
  • Enugu State Government of Nigeria (MIFARE Chip based Card Personalization & Biometric Data Capture)

App Screenshots

Beautifully designed modern dashboard view with awesome analytics.

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